Brothers of Christian Instruction

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On June 16, 1819, Gabriel Deshayes and Jean Marie de la Mennais, two Catholic priests in France, established the Brothers of Christian Instruction. Formally recognized by the Catholic Church in 1890, this organization dedicated itself to promoting education among the working class in France and, eventually, across the world. In 2005, 1,300 members of the Brothers of Christian Instruction promoted education in twenty-five separate countries.

In 1960, the Brothers of Christian Instruction established Walsh College, a Catholic institution of higher education, in North Canton, Ohio. The university struggled during its early years, facing competition from several nearby colleges. In 1997, the campus comprised fewer than ten buildings. However, during the late 1990s and the early 2000s, Walsh College nearly doubled in size, from an enrollment of 1,212 students in 1997 to 2,200 students in 2005. As the campus grew, the administration changed the college's name to Walsh University. In 2005, the campus consisted of sixteen buildings. Walsh University also boasted fifty undergraduate and five graduate degree programs in 2005. The Brothers of Christian Instruction continue to play an active role at Walsh University today.

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