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Buffington Island lies in the Ohio River a half mile downstream of the town of Portland, Ohio, and three miles upstream from Ravenswood, West Virginia. On November 25, 1797, Joel Buffington of Kanawha County, Virginia, purchased the 150-acre island from John Pearce Duvall of Mason County, Kentucky, for a total of five shillings. At that time, virgin timber covered most of the island. Originally called Amberson's Island or the Island of Duvol, by 1807 people most commonly referred to the island by its present name because of the Buffington family’s ownership. Before the end of the American Civil War, the island served as an Underground Railroad stop and as the lair for John Lockwood, Ohio’s last river pirate. Over the decades, Buffington Island has been used for agricultural and mining purposes. In 1993, the whole island received protection as part of the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

Buffington Island is best known for its association with the largest battle to occur in Ohio during the American Civil War.

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