Cleveland Rosenblums

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In 1925, the American Basketball League (ABL) formed. This league was the first professional organization to implement standardized rules and also to prohibit players from switching teams in mid-season. Among the organization’s founders was Max Rosenblum, an owner of a clothing store in Cleveland, Ohio. Rosenblum established his own basketball team, the Cleveland Rosenblums, which played in the ABL until 1931.

The Rosenblums had existed before the creation of the ABL. During the early 1920s the squad primarily played exhibition games against teams from other cities. Once the ABL formed, the Rosenblums quickly emerged as one of the league’s best teams, winning the league championship in its first season (1925-1926). In its second season (1926-1927), the Rosenblums returned to the championship finals, losing in three games to the Brooklyn Original Celtics. The Rosenblums reemerged as the league’s dominant team in the 1928-1929 and 1929-1930 seasons, winning the championship in both of these years. During the 1930-1931 season, the Rosenblums played only twelve games before leaving the league due to declining attendance. During the Rosenblums’ six seasons in the ABL, the team amassed 141 wins and ninety losses.

The Rosenblums continued to play basketball for at least a decade after leaving the ABL. It primarily played exhibitions with teams from other communities, never joining another professional league.

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