Cleveland Spiders

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Cleveland Spiders Team Photo

The Cleveland Spiders was a professional baseball team from Cleveland, Ohio. The team, originally known as the Cleveland Blues, played for two seasons (1887 and 1888) in the American Association, a professional league that lasted from 1882 to 1891. At least twenty-five different teams played in this league over the course of the American Association’s existence. The Cleveland Blues finished eighth in the league in 1887 and sixth in 1888. The Cleveland Blues joined the National League in 1889, and the team became known as the Cleveland Spiders.

The Cleveland Spiders played for ten seasons (1890-1899) in the National League before the team ceased operations. The highest that the Cleveland Spiders finished in the league standings was second in the 1892, 1895, and 1896 seasons. In its final year of existence, the Cleveland Spiders finished a dismal twelfth in the National League.

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