Columbus Buggy Company

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Columbus Buggy Company (LC).jpg
Carriage manufactured by the Columbus Buggy Co., Columbus, Ohio

The Columbus Buggy Company was originally known as the Iron Buggy Company. Located in Columbus, Ohio, the company claimed to be one of the largest buggy manufacturers in the world. By 1900, the Columbus Buggy Company employed eight hundred people. Clinton Dewitt Firestone was the company's president. Both Harvey S. Firestone and Edward V. Rickenbacker got their early business experience while working at the Columbus Buggy Company, before moving on to other ventures.

With the advent of the automobile, buggy and carriage manufacturers faced serious competition. Like some other companies, the Columbus Buggy Company's management decided to begin producing automobiles in the early twentieth century. The company built several different lines, using both electric and gas power. Unfortunately, these changes were not enough to help the company to survive. The Columbus Buggy Company went bankrupt in 1913.

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