1924 Republican National Convention

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The 1924 Republican National Convention was held in Cleveland’s Public Hall from June 10 – 13, 1924. It was the first national party convention to be broadcast over the radio. The 1924 Republican Convention was also the first convention in which female delegates were given equal representation as women had secured the right to vote in 1920.

Calvin Coolidge, who had become President upon the death of Warren G. Harding in 1923, was the party favorite to be nominee for President. Coolidge did not attend the convention, but instead stayed in Washington and listened to the proceedings on the radio. On June 12, Coolidge was named the Republican Presidential nominee on the first ballot.

President Coolidge’s choice for running mate was Senator William E. Borah of Idaho. Borah, however, declined the nomination. Eight names were then placed on the ballot, and former Illinois governor Frank O. Lowden became the front-runner for the nomination after two ballots. However, Lowden, too, declined the nomination. Finally, former budget bureau director Charles G. Dawes won the nomination for Vice-Presidential candidate after the third round of voting.

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