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The front page of the Fremont Messenger, July 25, 1934, documents the heat wave that gripped Ohio in the summer of 1934.

The summer of 1934 ranks as the hottest in Ohio since temperature records began in 1883. The average summer temperature of 75.7 degrees for June, July, and August broke the old record set in 1901 and was 5 degrees above normal. The hottest recent summer was 2003 with an average temperature of 73.8 degrees. Warm and dry weather was a trademark of the early 1930s in Ohio and much of the United States. Dry soil and parched vegetation provided little water for evaporation so surfaces heated to temperatures not normally experienced in the Heartland.

Temperatures during June 1934 were above normal on all but two or three days. July 1934 was the hottest month ever recorded in Ohio. Many heat records were set on July 21, including 106 in Columbus, 109 in Cincinnati, and 111 in Wilmington and Hamilton. It was on July 21, 1934, that Ohio