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Ohio History Central is maintained and was developed by the Ohio History Connection as a reference source for and about the people of Ohio. It covers topics related to the history, ancient peoples, archeology, and natural history of Ohio through encyclopedia-style entries. Ohio History Central should be considered as a starting point for learning about the people, places, animals, events, and culture of Ohio. Individuals interested in primary sources related to the topics introduced in Ohio History Central should visit www.ohiomemory.org.

Citing Ohio History Central

Ohio History Central is designed to provide basic information about Ohio's past, or as a launching point for more serious research. Images or portions of text contained in the encyclopedia may be copied if proper credit is provided. To cite an entry, list the title, followed by Ohio History Central, the date you retrieved the article, and the entry's URL. For example:

"Akron Rubber Strike of 1936", Ohio History Central, October 16, 2006, http://www.ohiohistorycentral.org/entry.php?rec=461

Current Staff and Contributors

Managing Editor

  • Sohayla Pagano, Ohio History Connection, ohc@ohiohistory.org

Founding Staff and Contributors

The following individuals contributed to the development of Ohio History Central.



  • Dr. Harry Searles, Ohio Historical Society

History Editor

  • Dr. Michael Mangus, The Ohio State University

Natural History Editor

  • Mr. Robert Glotzhober, Ohio Historical Society

Ancient Ohio Editor

  • Dr. Brad Lepper, Ohio Historical Society

Editorial Board

  • Dr. George Abrams: Former Director of the Seneca Iroquois National Museum
  • Dr. Diane Barnes: Youngstown State University
  • Dr. Donna DeBlasio: Youngstown State University
  • Dr. Christine Dee: Fitchburg State College
  • Dr. Mary Frederickson: Miami University
  • Dr Stuart Hobbs: The Ohio State University
  • Dr. Mark Kwasny, The Ohio State University
  • Dr. David Stradling: University of Cincinnati

Content Contributors


  • Dr. Michael Mangus: The Ohio State University
  • Ms. Linda Logan: Ohio Historical Society
  • Dr. Brad Lepper: Ohio Historical Society
  • Dr. Susan Landrum: The Ohio State University

Ancient Ohio

  • Dr. Brad Lepper: Ohio Historical Society
  • Ms. Martha Otto: Ohio Historical Society

Natural History

  • Dr. Carl Albrecht: Ohio Historical Society
  • Mr. Robert Glotzhober: Ohio Historical Society
  • Ms. Erin Bartlett: Ohio Historical Society
  • Dr. Michael Hansen: Ohio Department of Natural Resources