Adam Betz

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Chillicothe, Ohio resident Adam Betz spent nearly twenty years as the sergeant of arms of the Northwest Territory's legislature and then of the Ohio House of Representatives. He also served as caretaker of the Ross County, Ohio courthouse for approximately thirty years and also was the sergeant of arms at the Ohio Constitutional Convention of 1802.

Born in 1744, Betz spent his early years in Pennsylvania. He served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. He eventually opened an iron forge, which was destroyed in a tremendous flood. After this disaster, Betz moved his family to present-day Chillicothe, which was then part of the Northwest Territory.

In Chillicothe, Betz found employment as sergeant of arms. He also opened at least one tavern in Chillicothe, the "Indian King Tavern."

Betz died in 1839, at ninety-five years of age.

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