American Cereal Company

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The American Cereal Company was founded in 1891. While its corporate offices were eventually located in Chicago, Illinois, the primary manufacturing center for its cereals was in Akron, Ohio. Among the company's founders was Ferdinand Schumacher. During the 1880s, Schumacher operated the F. Schumacher Milling Company in Akron. Hoping to reduce competition, he agreed to merge with several additional companies to create the American Cereal Company. The company's main product was oats used in cereal. American Cereal Company sold the oats with a picture of a Quaker on the packaging. This packaging was first used by Henry Crowell, the owner of a mill in Ravenna, Ohio, in 1877. In 1901, as the American Cereal Company began producing additional products, a parent company was formed, known as Quaker Oats. By the early 1900s, Quaker Oats had become the largest cereal manufacturer in the world.

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