Benjamin Logan

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Benjamin Logan was a military and political leader in the Ohio Country during the American Revolution and in the early years of the new nation.

He was born in Augusta County, Virginia, in about 1743. Prior to the American Revolution, Logan participated in Bouquet's Expedition and Lord Dunmore's War. In 1775, he became one of the early settlers of Kentucky. Both during and after the Revolution, Logan led several raids against Ohio Indians who had been attacking Kentucky settlers. Among these attacks was a raid against the Shawnee Indians in 1786. This expedition had limited success because the Shawnees had received warning and had abandoned most of their villages. One result of the raid was that the Shawnee people decided to move further north to be near other friendly tribes such as the Miami Indians and the British presence at Fort Detroit. From the end of the American Revolution until his death in 1802, Benjamin Logan contributed significantly to Kentucky's development. He served in the State Constitutional Convention in 1792 and as a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Benjamin Logan is representative of the friction that developed between Native Americans and whites as settlement moved westward. As more settlers moved west of the Appalachian Mountains, natives tried to discourage expansion by attacking white settlements. In the end, the Native Americans were unsuccessful in holding off white advancement into the Ohio Country and were forced to move away.

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