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Map of the Country on the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers.jpg
A map of eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania created ca. 1766 by Thomas Hutchins. The official title of the map is "A Map of the Country on the Ohio & Muskingum Rivers Showing the Situation of the Indian Towns with Respect to the Army Under the Command of Colonel Bouquet". One of the oldest drawings of the Ohio country, Thomas Hutchins rendered the top portion based on an earlier map he drew after he toured the area in 1762. Two years later, Hutchins drew the bottom portion while traveling with Colonel Henry Bouquet on an expedition from Fort Pitt into the Ohio


The British Era began with England's victory over France in the French and Indian War. The British acquired the Ohio Country through the Treaty of Paris (1763), although many of the Native Americans living in the area did not agree with the loss of French influence. Numerous battles occurred between the English and the Indians over the Ohio Country during the 1760s, 1770s, and 1780s. The British Era would end with the success of the American Revolution. In the Treaty of Paris (1783) the British agreed to relinquish all claim to the Ohio Country.

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