Camp Perry

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Camp Perry was the primary training center for the Ohio National Guard for much of the twentieth century.

Camp Perry is located near Port Clinton, Ohio, and it currently consists of 640 acres. Established in 1907, the camp was named for Oliver Hazard Perry, a hero of the War of 1812. The principal reason for why the training grounds were located at Camp Perry was to allow the Ohio National Guard to practice rifle and artillery usage by firing these weapons into Lake Erie. Today, Camp Perry boasts the largest outdoor rifle range in the world.

While originally intended for National Guard use, during World War I, the United States Army used the site to train officers and marksmen. During World War II, German and Italian prisoners were held at the camp. Beginning in the 1960s, use of Camp Perry began to decline. Today, several units continue to be housed at the camp. These units include the 213th Ordnance Company, the 200th Civil Engineering Squadron, the 372d Missile Maintenance Company (DS) Detachment 1, <a title="U.S. Coast Guard" href="">U.S. Coast Guard</a> Port Security Unit 309, and the Ohio Naval Reserve.

In addition to its military usage, Camp Perry has also been the site of the "World Series of the Shooting Sports" since 1907. This event is currently sponsored by the National Rifle Association, and marksmen and women from across the world participate in this competition.