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Below is list of four broad categories of entries currently available in Ohio History Central. These categories contain entries that are aligned with the three areas or academic disciplines in which the Ohio History Connection collects and preserves Ohio's material heritage.


Entries that are found in this category deal with people, places and events that occurred after the development of written records. Because of this, the entries include events after approximately 1650. Among the entry topics are American Indians, white settlers, Ohio statehood, the American Civil War, the World Wars, and numerous other topics.

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Entries in this category deal with the period of time before written records. The prehistoric period in Ohio began at least 15,000 years ago when humans entered the region near the end of the last Ice Age. The period ended around 350 years ago when French explorers in Canada began to record information about the lands along the south shore of Lake Erie.

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Natural History

Natural History entries cover many topics, including animals, geography and geology as each of these pertains to the State of Ohio. There is also a timeline of Ohio's development and a glossary of Natural History terms.

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State Symbols

Since Ohio's admittance as the seventeenth state within the United States of America in 1803, the Ohio government has adopted numerous symbols to represent the state. These symbols not only unite Ohioans, but also serve as a promotional tool to bring attention to the state. Each of these symbols is found in this category.

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