Clark County Technical Institute

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In 1962, the Springfield and Clark County Technical Education Program, the predecessor of Clark County Technical Institute, opened and began to offer technical training for residents of Springfield, Ohio, and surrounding communities. In 1966, the institution became known as Clark County Technical Institute (CCTI). That same year, CCTI became Ohio's first technical college to be sanctioned by the Ohio Board of Regents. The institution grew quickly, boasting an enrollment of one thousand students by 1972.

Over the next several decades, CCTI continued to grow. During the mid 1970s, the college expanded beyond its technical courses to offer classes that could transfer to four-year institutions. In 1988, CCTI formally became a two-year college known as Clark State Community College. The institution began to offer Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees this same year. In 2005, almost 3,500 students were enrolled at Clark State Community College. Almost two-thirds of these students were women, with roughly the same number of students attending part-time.

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