Cleveland Buckeyes

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The Cleveland Buckeyes was a professional African-American baseball team from Cleveland, Ohio. The team played in the Negro American League. The Buckeyes was the last all-black team to play in Cleveland, participating in the Negro American League from 1943 to 1948 and for a portion of the 1950 season.

The Cleveland Buckeyes proved to be a respectable team, usually finishing in the middle of the league standings. However, in both 1945 and 1947, the team advanced to the Negro World Series, emerging as league champions in 1945. Despite the Buckeyes' success in 1945 and 1947, the team continued to lose money, causing the owner, Ernest Wright, to disband the team in 1948. The Buckeyes formed again in 1950, but after winning only three of its first thirty-six games, the Buckeyes folded, failing to complete the 1950 season.

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