Cleveland Rams

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The Cleveland Rams was a professional football team in Cleveland, Ohio. For most of its history, the team played in the National Football League.

In 1936, Homer Marshman, a Cleveland attorney, established the Cleveland Rams. During the 1936 season, the team played in the American Football League, before joining the National Football League in 1937. In the National Football League, the Rams failed to have a single winning season from 1937 to 1944. The squad did not play in 1943 due to a shortage of players caused by World War II. Surprisingly, in the 1945 season, the Cleveland Rams attained a record of nine wins and one loss, winning the National Football League championship. Following the 1945 season, the Rams relocated to Los Angeles, California, where the squad became known as the Los Angeles Rams. Eventually this team moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where it now plays as the St. Louis Rams.

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