Cleveland Stone Company

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Briar Hill Stone Quarry.jpg
Briar Hill Stone Quarry, Glenmont, Holmes County,

Ohio, ca. 1900-1909.

In 1886, George H. Worthington formed the Cleveland Stone Company in Cleveland, Ohio. It primarily excavated sandstone and operated quarries in Berea, Kipton, Elyria, Euclid, North Amherst, South Amherst, Amherst, Columbia, West View, La Grange, and Olmstead. The firm also expanded its operation to other states, including Michigan. The company gained exclusive control over the stone quarries in Berea and faced little competition elsewhere until 1902, when the Ohio Quarries Company formed. On April 17, 1929, the Cleveland Stone Company purchased the Ohio Quarries Company. The Cleveland firm then became known as the Cleveland Quarries Company and moved its headquarters to Amherst, Ohio. The company continues to excavate sandstone for construction purposes today. Sandstone quarried by this company has helped build the Palmer House, a major hotel in Chicago, Illinois, the Michigan State Capitol Building, and the Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Canada, among numerous other structures. American Stone now owns and operates the Cleveland Quarries Company.

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