Disposable Diapers

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File:Disposable Diaper.jpg
Disposable baby diaper with resealable tapes and elasticated leg cuffs.

In 1959, Procter & Gamble, a Cincinnati, Ohio, company, began to market Pampers, which were disposable diapers. Before disposable diapers, parents were forced to use cloth diapers that commonly leaked and needed to be washed. Victor Mills, the head of the Exploratory Product Division of Procter & Gamble and a grandparent at the time, was tired of changing and washing cloth diapers, so he developed an absorbent, leak-proof diaper that could be simply thrown away after use. His product, which Procter & Gamble produced and marketed, became known as Pampers. The product was first sold in Rochester, New York. The diapers were so popular that Procter & Gamble quickly began to sell Pampers nationwide. Today, disposable diapers are a ten billion dollar-per-year industry.