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File:Earthquake Letter.jpg
C.A. Dillingham wrote this letter to Isaac Jones in Maine while staying in Cincinnati in April 1812. He writes about the earthquake of 1811, which was centered in New Madrid, Missouri and felt throughout the Midwest including in Ohio. Dillingham also discusses conflicts with American Indians. The letter is four pages and measures 7.5" x 12.5" (19.05 x 31.75 cm).

Ohio has recorded at least 200 earthquakes above 2.0-magnitude since the earliest record in 1776. Most of these events have been small, in the 2 to 3 magnitude range, but at least 15 earthquakes centered in the state have caused damage. The largest earthquake in Ohio occurred on March 9, 1937, in western Ohio in the Shelby-Auglaize Counties area. This earthquake followed a smaller one on March 2, and is estimated to have had a magnitude of 5.4. Considerable damage occurred in Anna and surrounding communities, including damage to nearly every chimney in Anna, cracks and wall separation in the school, rotation of cemetery monuments, changes in water wells, and other minor-to-moderate damage. The Anna school was condemned and torn down.