Ephraim Kimberly Tract

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Ephraim (sometimes spelled Ephriam) Kimberly received three hundred acres of Congress Lands from the United States Congress for his service in the American Revolution.

During and following the American Revolution, the Confederation Congress promised many soldiers payment for their military service in land in the Ohio Country. Prior to 1794, it appears that no veteran actually formally claimed the land to which he was entitled. Numerous veterans had sold their claims to various land companies, including the Ohio Company of Associates. These veterans preferred to receive money rather than the land. In 1794, Kimberly petitioned the United States Congress for his land, and on April 8, 1794, the Congress granted him three hundred acres of land in the Seven Ranges. Kimberly, a squatter, already illegally resided on this land before he received the U.S. Congress' approval. While many veterans failed to relocate to modern-day Ohio and to claim their land, others, starting with Kimberly, sought to enhance their fortunes on the frontier. The transfer of the property from the federal government to Kimberly was the first deed recorded in Jefferson County, Ohio.

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