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The final resting place of Eugene the Mummy is in the Sabina Cemetery.

Eugene was an unusual tourist attraction in Sabina, Ohio from 1929 to 1963.

On June 6, 1929, residents of Sabina, Ohio discovered the body of an African-American man on the outskirts of town. Officials guessed that the man was between fifty and sixty years old. Authorities found a slip of paper with a Cincinnati, Ohio address written upon it. Unfortunately, the address was for a vacant lot. Because they could not identify the body, officials named the man "Eugene," after the person who lived nearest to where the body was found.

Officials believed that the man died from natural causes. The Littleton Funeral Home embalmed the body. Hoping to identify Eugene, the funeral home placed him in an outbuilding, where passer-bys could view the body. The directors hoped that someone who knew Eugene would pass by and reveal this man's true identity. Eugene's body remained in the outbuilding until 1963, when the funeral home finally decided to bury Eugene in the Sabina Cemetery.

Purportedly, more than 1.3 million people viewed Eugene's body between 1929 and 1963, yet no one could identify him. On numerous occasions, people, especially students, stole the body as tactless practical jokes. Once, even a fraternity at The Ohio State University took Eugene's body to Columbus, Ohio.