Frances P. Bolton

Frances Payne Bingham was born on March 29, 1885, in Cleveland, Ohio. Her family was wealthy and allowed Bingham to attend private schools in Cleveland, France, and New York. In 1907, Bingham married Charles Bolton. Her husband eventually became a member of the United States House of Representatives from Ohio. He remained in Congress until his death in 1939. In a special election, Bolton's former constituents elected Frances Bolton to assume her husband's seat.

Frances Bolton remained in the House of Representatives until 1969, serving fourteen consecutive terms. She was the first woman in Ohio elected to the House of Representatives. She also was one of four of her family members to serve in the Congress. Her maternal grandfather, her husband, and her son also served. In the House, Bolton played an active role. She was responsible for sixty-one separate bills, most of which involved education and public health issues. One of her most important contributions was the sponsoring of a bill, the Bolton Act, in 1943 that created the United States Cadet Nursing Corps.

Following her service in the U.S. Congress, Bolton returned to Ohio where she assumed an active role in philanthropic efforts across the United States. In Ohio, she served as trustee of Lakeside Hospital, Lake Erie College, and the Central School of Practical Nursing. In honor of Bolton's numerous contributions to the nursing profession, trustees at Case Western Reserve University named their school of nursing in her honor. Bolton died in Lyndhurst, Ohio, on March 9, 1977.

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