Henry Procter

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Henry Procter was a British military leader in and around the Great Lakes during the War of 1812.

Procter was born in Wales in 1787. Little is known about his early years. By the age of twenty-five, he was a colonel in the British Army.

Henry Procter played an active role in the War of 1812 rising to the rank of major general. He was involved in many small battles around Lake Erie, including skirmishes at and near Fort Meigs. Procter commanded the British troops at the Battle of the Thames. In this engagement, an American army under General William Henry Harrison defeated Procter's men and a sizable force of Native Americans led by Tecumseh. The British soldiers fled from the battlefield, leaving Tecumseh and his followers to fight alone against the Americans. Harrison's men defeated the Native Americans and Tecumseh died in the battle. Procter was court-martialed for his role in the defeat. As punishment, he was suspended from his rank and received no pay for six months.

Procter eventually returned to Britain, where he died in 1859.

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