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In 1977, Honda Motor Company and State of Ohio officials announced that the company would be building manufacturing facilities near Marysville, Ohio. This location was to be the primary site for the manufacturing of Honda products in the United States. When the plant opened in Marysville in 1979, only sixty-four employees worked there. They manufactured small dirt bikes for the company.

Over the years Honda of America's Marysville facility has grown tremendously. It now employs approximately 13,000 people at four separate manufacturing locations near Marysville. The plants are capable of producing most types of Honda motor vehicles, from dirt bikes to cars to trucks. Honda of America also has several other firms in Ohio, including Honda Transmission Manufacturing, Honda Research and Development, Ohio Center, Honda Trading, and an American Honda service parts and training center. The company also owns a soybean processing plant in Ohio. Honda's companies in Ohio combined employ 16,000 workers, approximately two-thirds of all Honda employees in the United States.

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