John S. Rarey

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John Solomon Rarey was a world-famous trainer of horses who gained the nickname, the “Horse Whisperer,” due to his unique style toward wild horses. 

Rarey was born on December 6, 1837, in Groveport, Ohio and was the son of Adam Rarey, one of the village's earliest settlers. He published The Modern Art of Training Horses when he was only twenty-five years of age. He honed his skills on the wild horses of Texas and gave his first major exhibition in 1856 in Columbus.   

Rarey traveled to England and, after a reception with Queen Victoria, the Earl of Dorchester challenged Rarey to tame a fiery, violent stallion named Cruiser. Rarey accepted, and in just three hours, he trotted the docile horse for the many spectators to witness. His efforts earned him a cash prize and the horse. Rarey retired with Cruiser to his new mansion, Cedarlawn, in Groveport. Cruiser outlived its master by nine years, but returned to his wild nature after Rarey's death in 1866.

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