La Gauloise

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La Gauloise was a social organization for French immigrants in Cleveland, Ohio.

Typical of other Ohio cities, Cleveland boasted a small French population for much of its history. By 1910, 494 French-born people resided in the city. The number of French residents increased following World War I and World War II. Most of these new migrants were French women who met and married United States soldiers during each of these conflicts. These women were known as war brides. In 1935, several of these women formed La Gauloise. This organization consisted of only French war brides and was created to provide these women with a support system. Although Cleveland's French-born population never exceeded one thousand people, this organization survived for several decades. Like numerous other national groups, the French came to Ohio seeking a better life, but as La Gauloise illustrates, they still continued many of their native practices.

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