Lucas Sullivant

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Lucas Sullivant was a surveyor, soldier and settler in central Ohio in the years after the American Revolution.

During the late 1790s, Sullivant was a surveyor in the Virginia Military District. He took his pay in some of the land he surveyed. In 1797, he laid out a town on the western bank of the Scioto River, near the place where the Whetstone River emptied into the Scioto. Today, the Whetstone River is called the Olentangy River.

The town lots varied in size, with lots on the outskirts of the town of between one hundred and two hundred acres. Farmland generally sold for between one and two dollars per acre. Sullivant named the town Franklinton because he was an admirer of Benjamin Franklin. It quickly grew to become an important community in the northern part of the Virginia Military District. Franklinton is now part of Ohio's capitol city of Columbus.

Lucas Sullivant died in 1824. He was fifty-eight years old. At the time of his death, he was one of the largest landowners in Ohio.

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