National Tax Association

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The National Tax Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating government officials, the public, and tax professionals about taxation issues.

Founded in 1907, the National Tax Association has become the largest organization of tax professionals dedicated to educating people about taxes in the United States of America. The organization is nonpartisan and simply seeks to educate people about public finance issues. The group hopes that, if people are educated about taxation issues, that a fiscally sound public finance system will result. The National Tax Association and its members try to remain out of political debates, preferring to use educational programs to create sound fiscal policy.

The National Tax Association and its members routinely advise politicians. The group also sponsors conferences and publications to educate all people about taxes. The National Tax Association's primary publication is the National Tax Journal. Over the course of the National Tax Association's existence, five Ohioans have served as the organization's president, including Allen Ripley Foote, the group's first president.

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