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You can search for specific people, places, things, and events by conducting a keyword search. If your search term(s) matches a title exactly, you will be directed to that entry. If your search term(s) appears in an entry title or in the body text, the search results will show pages with title matches on the left and pages with text matches on the right.

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You can explore Ohio History Central by selecting one of the six options from the browse drop-down menu:

  • Alphabetical index
  • Category – prehistory, history, natural history, and state symbols
  • Topic – 21 topics important to Ohio History, such as Arts and Entertainment, Business and Industry, Government and Politics, and Science and Medicine
  • Time period – Learn about what was happening in Ohio during time periods of national significance, such as the Civil War and the Great Depression
  • Timeline of Ohio history – This timeline expands upon each time period in Ohio’s history, noting important dates and events
  • Random page – Clicking “Random page” will retrieve any page on Ohio History Central

To learn more about Ohio History Central, citing Ohio History Central, or reproducing an image or text, please visit the site’s About page. Visit Ohio Memory (www.ohiomemory.org), Ohio's collaborative digital library program, to view primary sources related to the topics introduced on Ohio History Central, including photographs, diaries and scrapbooks, letters, maps, government documents, artifacts, and much more!

If you have any questions about Ohio History Central, please contact project staff at ohc@ohiohistory.org.