Ojibwa Indians

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File:Battle of Fallen Timbers.jpg
"Charge of the Dragoons at Fallen Timbers," painted by R.T. Zogbaum, ca. 1895. The painting illustrates General Anthony Wayne's campaign against the Ohio Indians in 1794.

The Ojibwa Indians, also known as the Chippewa Indians, lived mainly in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Ontario, Canada at the time of European contact. They were part of the Algonquian Indians. The Algonquian Indians consisted of various tribes that spoke similar languages. The Ojibwas were closely related to the Ottawa Indians and Potawatomi Indians. They were sustained through hunting, fishing, and some agriculture.

The Ojibwa Indians participated in the fur trade with French merchants. Numerous Frenchmen found spouses among Ojibwa women. Ojibwa warriors fought with the French against the British in the French and Indian War. Following France