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The Pilgrim was the first public-relations airship manufactured by the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation in Akron, Ohio.

Completed on July 18, 1926, the Pilgrim was principally designed to promote the Goodyear brand. The company emblazoned the name "Goodyear" on both sides of the airship. The semi-rigid vessel was filled with helium. It also had the first entirely enclosed passenger cabin that was flush with the gas container. The cabin contained mahogany paneling. It also boasted blue mohair chairs. The Pilgrim remained in service until December 30, 1931. Over its six years in operation, the airship flew almost ninety-five thousand miles and carried almost 5,400 passengers.

The Pilgrim and the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation illustrate the important role that Ohioans have played in aviation. With such important names as the Wright Brothers, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, and numerous others, Ohioans have been at the forefront of aviation history.

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