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Portsmouth Foundry and Machine Works was an important business in western Portsmouth, Ohio during the nineteenth century.

By the early 1840s, a foundry and machine works existed at the future site of the Portsmouth Foundry and Machine Works. After going through numerous ownership changes, in 1872, William and E.B. Moore created the Portsmouth Foundry and Machine Works. This firm was one of Portsmouth's largest employers during the nineteenth century. By 1888, approximately fifty employees manufactured boilers, engines, and other items. During the American Civil War, this company manufactured cannons for the Union military. Portsmouth Foundry and Machine Works closed by the late nineteenth century. The company's main building, which still stands at 401 Third Street, then became a garage for Portsmouth's streetcars.

Today, Portsmouth Cement & Lime occupies Portsmouth Foundry and Machine Works' former building. During the twentieth century, most industrial related businesses moved away from the western part of Portsmouth and relocated to the eastern or northern parts of the city. Portsmouth Cement & Lime is one of the few industrial businesses that continue to operate in eastern Portsmouth.

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