Roscoe Village

During the 1960s, Edward Montgomery and his wife, Frances Montgomery, envisioned restoring Roscoe Village, located in present-day Coshocton, Ohio, to its former splendor when it had been a bustling community on the Ohio and Erie Canal. The flood of 1913 had destroyed much of the canal, which had been virtually abandoned over the previous decades as railroads and automobiles emerged. The Montgomerys established a non-profit foundation to restore the village. The foundation purchased numerous buildings and restored them to their nineteenth-century appearance. Numerous businesses rent some of these buildings, hoping to benefit from the tourist traffic that the restored village generates. Other buildings provide museum displays, which educate tourists about the community's past. The foundation also constructed an inn to provide accommodations for the tourists, but due to financial reasons, in 2005, the foundation sold the inn to Central Ohio Technical College, which uses the building as its Coshocton branch. Despite the inn's sale, Roscoe Village continues to educate tourists about life on the Ohio and Erie Canal. The village also plays host to numerous festivals, including Dulcimer Days, Ohio's oldest dulcimer festival.

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