Seepage Dancer

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Seepage dancers (Argia bipunctulata) belong in the family of pond damselflies. The beginning and end segments of the males’ abdomen are blue with black rings on the posterior (rear) side; the middle segments are black. The top of its head is black. The blue areas of the body turn gray as temperatures cool and completely black when temperatures fall to 59° F. The head and thorax of the female is paler, more yellow than blue. The abdomens of female seepage dancers are black except for the eighth segment, which is blue. These damselflies average 1 - 1.2 inches in body length.

Common habitats are small lakes, ponds, streams and seepage areas in woods with little water. Seepage dancers prefer sunny seepage areas which are usually grassy, but often boggy. They often are found perching on stems of bog plants. Predators, they feed on insects.

Seepage dancers are endangered in Ohio, being found in small pockets of the state with suitable habitat. One is Cedar Bog in Champaign County and the other is Clark County's Prairie Road Fen Nature Preserve and Gallagher Fen Nature Preserve.

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