Fort Sandusky

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'''Fort Sandusky ''' was a fort built and used by British troops in the Ohio Country during Pontiac's Rebellion and the French and Indian War.
Following the French and Indian War (1756-1763) and the Treaty of Paris (1763), France turned over all of its North American colonies to Great Britain. Native Americans saw they had lost a possible ally and now stood alone against the British. Pontiac of the Ottawa Indians attempted to unite the Native American tribes in the Ohio Country against the British in 1763. This uprising became known as Pontiac's Rebellion.
Fort Sandusky illustrates the difficulties Great Britain had in settling the Ohio Country. Left deeply in debt following the French and Indian War, the royal government could not afford to defend adequately its territory from native uprisings. Settlers who ventured west of the Appalachian Mountains remained at the mercy of the Indians. British traders, hoping to form relationships with the Native Americans similar to that which the French had enjoyed, faced economic problems due to English policy. These difficulties would partly be responsible for the coming of the American Revolution.
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