Cleveland Bible College

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In 1892, Walter and Emma Malone, members of the Society of Friends, established the Cleveland Bible College, the predecessor of Malone College, in Cleveland, Ohio. Dedicated to promoting Christianity among its students, the college grew slowly, initially attracting primarily students from the surrounding area.
In 1957, the Cleveland Bible College relocated to Canton, Ohio, where it was renamed Malone College after its founders. The institution remains connected to its Christian beginnings still today. Students agree to follow the college's "Community Agreement," which discourages the use of alcohol and prohibits drug use. Students are also required "to abstain from sexual misconduct, from any violent behavior or threats of violence (to self or others), and from gambling, profanity, vulgar behavior, unlawful harassment, or any other improper conduct." Students are required to attend morning worship services on Mondays and Wednesdays, although students may attend church services of their own choosing on Sundays. Malone College also places a heavy emphasis on community service, requiring all students to engage in service-oriented activities during their time at the institution. In 2005, approximately two thousand students, including students from twenty-four states and eleven foreign countries, enrolled at Malone College.
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