Timeline of Ohio History

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Modern Ohio
*1978: The [[1978 Ohio Statewide Blizzard | Blizzard of 1978]], the worst winter storm in Ohio's history.
*1979: Public schools in [[Columbus]], [[Dayton]] and [[Cleveland, Ohio | Cleveland]] began [[busing]] pupils to eliminate segregation.
*1986: Astronaut [[Resnik, Judith | Judith Resnik]], of [[Akron, Ohio | Akron]], died in the ''Challenger'' space shuttle explosion.
*1991: In their ruling in ''[[DeRolph v. State of Ohio]]'', the [[Ohio Supreme Court]] declared Ohio's school funding program unconstitutional.
*1993: The [[Lucasville Prison Riot]] resulted in the deaths of nine prisoners and one guard.
*1995: The [[Rock and Roll Hall of FameMuseum]] opened in [[Cleveland, Ohio | Cleveland]].
*1995: International negotiations at [[Wright-Patterson Air Force Base]] near [[Dayton]] led to the Bosnian Peace Agreement.
*1998: Astronaut [[Glenn Jr., John H. | John Glenn]] became the oldest man to travel into space.
*2001: Terrorist attacks on [[11-Sep-01 | September 11]] in New York City, NY and Washington, D.C., led to a flurry of anti-terrorist activities in [[Ohio]] and throughout the nation.
*2006: Ohio voters passed a [[statewide smoking banOhio's Statewide Smoking Ban]] in public places.