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| caption = Bannerstones are atlatl weights. Some bannerstones are so large and beautifully made that archaeologists think they were symbols of status. Archaic Culture, Meigs Co, A 56/000070
<p>&quot;Bannerstone&quot; is the name given to a variety of beautifully-crafted stone artifacts.&nbsp; The majority were made from slate and they range from simple hollow tubes to elaborate winged forms. Some bannerstones likely served as weights or decorations for the atlatl.&nbsp; Others are too large and ornate to have worked on a functioning atlatl.&nbsp; Perhaps these were used on symbolic atlatls that served a social role equivalent to the giant keys-to-the-city sometimes presented to dignitaries by modern city officials.</p>
<p>Bannerstones appear to have been made and used only during the Archaic period.</p>
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#Lepper, Bradley T. <em>Ohio Archaeology: An Illustrated Chronicle of Ohio's Ancient American Indian Cultures.</em> Wilmington, Ohio, Orange Frazer Press, 2005.&nbsp;
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