Doris Von Kappelhoff

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| image = [[File:Day, Doris in Love Me or Leave Me, 1955.jpg]]
| caption = Screenshot of American actress and singer Doris Day in the trailer for the film ''Love Me or Leave Me (film)'' (1955). Ms. Day was also an animal welfare advocate.
<p>Doris Day was one of the best known actresses in America the United States in the mid to late twentieth century.</p>
<p>Doris Mary Ann Von Kappelhoff was born on April 3, 1924, in Evanston, Ohio. She wanted to become a dancer but a 1937 automobile injury left her right leg severely injured. Von Kappelhoff took singing lessons and performed in an amateur competition for WLW, a Cincinnati radio station. She sang &quot;Day After Day,&quot; won the competition, and became a regular performer on WLW. </p>
<p>Von Kappelhoff soon was singing with the popular big bands of Barney Rapp, Bob Crosby, and Les Brown. It was Rapp who suggested that Von Kappelhoff assume a new stage name. Doris chose Doris Day. She took her new last name from the song that she had won the WLW song competition with several years before. While singing with Brown's band, Day enjoyed two number one hits, &quot;Sentimental Journey&quot; and &quot;My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time.&quot;</p>