Canal Lands

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| image = [[File:Ohio Map of Canals and Roads.jpeg]]
| caption = New Map of Ohio with Its Canals, Roads and Distances by H. S. Tanner, 1846.
<p>During the 1820s, the United States Congress gave the State of Ohio approximately one million acres of Congress Lands to facilitate the construction of canals in the state. This grant became known as the Canal Lands.</p>
<p>The Canal Lands were located across Ohio. Completion of canals, especially the Ohio and Erie Canal and the Miami and Erie Canal spurred Ohio's development. The cost to ship goods from the East Coast to Ohio and vice versa declined tremendously from 125 dollars per ton of goods to twenty-five dollars per ton of goods. It took eighty hours to travel from Cleveland to Portsmouth along the Ohio and Erie Canal. While horseback was much quicker, it also cost a great deal more. The cost on the canal boat was $1.70 per person.</p>