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| caption = Mottled red and gray granite discoidal, also called a chunky stone, is a small, round disk with rounded edges. Both faces are concave. Participants rolled the discoidal on its rim over a specially-prepared area, then threw spears or shot arrows at it, with the winner being the person whose projectile came closest to the discoidal when it stopped. Item was found at the Anderson Village Site in Washington Township, Warren County, Ohio.
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<p>Discoidals (game stones) come from the Late Prehistoric Mississippian Culture. The discoidal, also called a chunky stone, was the centerpiece in the competitive game of Chungke. The stone disc is circular in shape with variation in size and color. Engravings on game pieces were common, often including circles, dots and linear patterns. Game stones were carefully shaped and polished and sometimes passed down through generations. </p>