English Ohioans

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| image = [[File:Harker, Taylor and Company water cooler.jpeg]]
| caption = Harker, Taylor and Company of East Liverpool made this yellow ware water cooler, ca. 1846-1851. The solid yellow body is covered with a decorative glaze and a red ware plaque.
<p>Numerous Ohioans are descended from English ancestors. Today, English Ohioans continue to enhance Ohio's cultural and social landscape. </p>
<p>Many of the people who moved to Ohio in the years after the American Revolution originally came from England. Some of these people were former soldiers in the British Army. Having seen the land available in the Ohio Country during the American Revolution, they chose to remain in the region. Some of these people were squatters, while others purchased their land legally from the federal government or from real estate speculators. A similar movement of people occurred after the War of 1812. Tensions with the British and Native Americans declined dramatically after that war, making Ohio much more attractive to settlers. </p>