1920 Western Ohio Tornadoes

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{{infobox| image = [[File:1920 Tornadoes (1).jpg]]| caption = The front page of <em>The Dayton Journal</em>, March 30, 1920, documented the number of known dead from the tornadoes two days before.}}<p>The Palm Sunday 1920 tornado outbreak of 30 tornadoes across eight states killed 153 personspeople, ranking it among the deadliest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history. Four killer tornadoes moved into western Ohio from Indiana and another moved across Wood and Ottawa Counties. There were 29 deaths from these tornadoes in Ohio. The first tornado crossed into Paulding County and swept northeastward into Lucas County. Ten people were killed along this path in Ohio. Another tornado touched down near Bowling Green and moved into Ottawa County where 2 people were killed at Genoa. A tornado entered Mercer County from Indiana about 6:30 PM destroying a Van Wert County farm house and killing two occupants. A different tornado entered Darke County and destroyed numerous farm houses, a school, and a church, causing four deaths near Lightsville. A few minutes later, a stronger tornado followed a parallel path through Darke County about 8 miles south of the first Darke County tornado. It was a violent storm 1200 feet wide and destroyed homes and farms killing 8 people near Nashville, Palestine, and Greenville. The landmark Linamude School on Union City Pike was “torn brick from brick.” Farther along the track, the community of Moulton, west of Wapakoneta, was leveled and 3 people killed.</p>
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