David Frisch

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<p>David Frisch was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1902,. He eventually created one of the most successful restaurant chains in the United States -- , Frisch's Big Boy. </p>
<p>Frisch always was an entrepreneur. At eight years of age, he began to sell newspapers and worked in his father's restaurant, Frisch's Stag Lunch. The young businessman withdrew from school as a teenager to work full-time in his father's restaurant. He eventually returned to high school, graduating in 1923 at the age of twenty-one years.</p>
<p>In 1923, Frisch's father died, leaving the new graduate to run the restaurant on his own. He continued to do so for the next nine years, before he sold the business to two of his brothers. That same year, Frisch decided to open a new restaurant in Oakley, Ohio, and six years later, he began a second restaurant in Norwood, Ohio, directly across the street from his father's old establishment. Unfortunately for Frisch, he went bankrupt that same year due to the expenses of operating two restaurants. </p>