Stouffer Frozen Dinners

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<p>The Stouffer Corporation was not the only company to produce frozen dinners in the 1950s. C. A. Swanson and Sons began selling its &quot;TV dinners&quot; through supermarkets in 1954. Stouffer originally set itself apart from Swanson's though. The TV dinners targeted the mass market, but Stouffer originally sought the high-end market by touting the quality of its products.</p>
<p>In the early 1960s, Stouffer Foods executives began selling their frozen meals to selected supermarkets. Eventually, the company had to open a new automated plant in Solon, Ohio, to deal with the demand for its products. The Stouffer Corporation was a publicly-traded company by this time. In 1967, Litton Industries bought the company. In 1973, Nestle S.A., a Swiss company, purchased the Stouffer Corporation from Litton Industries. Under Nestle, the frozen food line grew even more. The frozen food division was so successful that the company had to open a new manufacturing operation in Gaffney, South Carolina, in 1980. Only seven years later, a third plant opened in Springville, Utah. Part of the success in the 1980s came from the introduction of another line of frozen dinners, Lean Cuisine, which appealed to health-conscious consumers.</p>
<p>Today, Stouffer Foods continues as part of the Nestle Corporation.</p>
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