Betsy M. Cowles

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| caption = Portrait of Betsey Mix Cowles (1810-1876) from the 1909 edition of Henry Howe's "Historical Collection of Ohio." She was known for her contributions to education, abolitionism, and women's rights in Ohio.
<p>Betsey Mix Cowles is known for her contributions to education and the women's rights movement in Ohio. She was also quite active in the struggle to abolish slavery. </p>
<p>In the late 1820s and early 1830s, Cowles and her sister began opening infant schools in northeastern Ohio. Infant schools were a predecessor to kindergartens. After obtaining a degree from Oberlin College in 1840s, Cowles began a career as a teacher. She taught at a number of grammar schools and served as a principal and superintendent in the Painesville, Ohio school system. Women did not often serve as superintendents of schools in the mid-nineteenth century.</p>