Cleveland Institute of Art

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| image = [[File:Frary, Ihna Thayer with Camera.jpeg]]
| caption = Architectural historian Ihna Thayer Frary with camera, ca. 1920-1945. Frary, a teacher at the Cleveland Institute of Art and Western Reserve University's School of Architecture, studied the architectural history of Ohio and other states using photography to document historic buildings.
<p>The Cleveland Institute of Art was established in Cleveland, Ohio in 1882. Students currently focus their studies in one of three areas: Fine Arts, Crafts, or Design. The Cleveland Institute of Art consistently ranks in the top ten colleges of art and design in the United States. The institute maintains its own buildings but also uses space at Case Western Reserve University. Located in Cleveland's University Circle, the Cleveland Institute of Art &nbsp;provides students with easy access to several local art galleries and university collections.</p>
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