Harold H. Burton

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| caption = Cleveland Mayor Harold Burton is shown with a costumed Pony Express rider at the Great Lakes Exposition in 1936-1937, also known as the World's Fair. Burton (1888-1964) was a three-term Reform mayor of Cleveland and later became a senator. Harry Truman appointed Burton to the Supreme Court in 1945. As a supporter of civil rights, he was involved in the Brown vs. Board of Education decision outlawing segregation in schools.
<p>Harold Hitz Burton was born on June 22, 1888, in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. In 1909, he received his undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College, where he had quarterbacked the football team. He then pursued a doctorate in law from Harvard University, graduating in 1912. He began to practice law in Cleveland, Ohio, that same year.</p>
<p>Burton remained in Cleveland for only a brief time, becoming an attorney for a power company in Utah in 1914 and then for another one in Idaho in 1916. With World War I's outbreak, Burton enlisted in the military. Upon being discharged, he returned to Cleveland and resumed his legal career. He also taught classes at Western Reserve University from 1923 to 1925.</p>