James W. Shocknessey Ohio Turnpike

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<p>By the 1950s, roadways in Ohio primarily consisted of two lane roads, which became easily congested and did not allow for fast travel between cities. Adding to travel difficulties, most American families owned at least one car, dramatically increasing the amount of traffic on the roads. Automobiles also were much safer and capable of traveling at much faster speeds than earlier cars, enhancing Ohioans' desire for better roads.</p>
<p>Many Ohio cities had begun to plan for wider roads, with several additional lanes, to help speed travel. Realizing the need for better roadways, in 1949, the Ohio government established the Ohio Turnpike Commission. This office was to finance and construct a turnpike that crossed northern Ohio. It connected with the Pennsylvania Turnpike in the East and with another highway in Indiana in the West. James W. Shocknessey, chairperson of the Ohio Turnpike Commission, financed the roadway's construction with state bonds.</p>